About us

Welcome to KOLBE DESIGN 
Hi, my name is Jitka Kolbe. I'm a glass designer, and I graduated from the University of Arts and Architecture in Prague which was headed by the famous glass artist Stanislav Libensky. I have been dedicating myself to glass work for more than 25 years, creating interesting shapes and attractive colours all the time. 
All of my products are hand-made and they come from my workshop which is situated in Prague (Czech Republic - Bohemia). The final product is made by professional Czech glass-blowers in a famous factory situatedin the North of Czech Republic, specialising in making high quality crystal known as the “Bohemia Crystal”.
Apart from making glass, I also create and design high quality Czech porcelain such as kitchen sets, mugs, etc.
My work is my passion. I started from big vases, table sets design, glasses, carafes, etc. I create my own designer label “Kolbe Design”, which is labelled on all of my designer products.
My products are available in designer shops in Prague and Madrid, Spain.
I hope that you will enjoy my products. Please feel free to write to me if you want to know more about my products.

Jitka Kolbe
Crystal factory
Crystal factory